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SOLUTIONS - Voice Alarm Systems

Planners, specialist dealers and installers - well-advised in every phase with CESAA

Being a specialist supplier of communication and security solutions, WENZEL Elektronik has developed CESAA as a product family that will help you plan and develop combined public address / security solutions across different application areas.

CESAA is designed for use in public and commercial buildings and event facilities. Alarm devices in special buildings are required as part of the building code or additional regulations in most federal states. Without connection to a fire alarm control panel, this usually takes place as an sound systems for emergency purpose in accordance with VDE 0828 or with a connection to a fire alarm control panel as a voice alarm system in accordance with VDE0833-4. Specialist companies must be involved for construction and operation of VAS according to DIN 14675, in order to meet the safety requirements and the reliability of the systems.

Typical application areas are:

  • Educational institutions, schools
  • Retail outlets
  • Meeting places
  • Accommodation establishments
  • Care facilities
  • Public administration
  • Sports facilities
  • Public transportation services
  • Skyscrapers
  • Car parks
  • Parks

System design and operation of voice alarm systems are divided into different phases. From concept development to operation and maintenance, CESAA offers manifold user benefits for the participating or responsible planning companies, specialist companies and operators.

Download the application example for schools

Download the application example for retail outlets

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