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SOLUTIONS – Telecommunication Systems

Wenzel-MACS in Train Control Centres

To optimize and centralize the operation the DB Netz AG established Germany-wide seven train control centres. This centralization under operating conditions requires very high requirements for system stability and reliability of the communication technique. Especially in case of failure of the interlocking and security technology the communication system is the first fallback level to coordinate the operation from the train control centre.

Due to its high stability and availability, the Wenzel-MACS system is already in use at the dispatcher level in three of seven train control centres. As part of upgrading further control centres are equipped with this technology. Especially the features of Wenzel-MACS to be easily integrated into legacy technology and to be GSM-R capable, facilitate the investment decision.

The user-friendly graphic interface Wenzel-MACS-GUI enables access to all communication technology used by the train controller such as subscriber, intercom or radio-based train control. Remote PA can be executed additionally using this operating console

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