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SOLUTIONS - Automatic Public Address Systems

Part of the comprehensive service for passenger information

In order to improve their service, rail operators are increasingly focusing on the use of dynamic, fully automated passenger information systems (FIA) that set high benchmarks for public address systems (PA systems).

Therefore Wenzel Elektronik provides solutions that meet the diverse requirements of PA systems for stations. These solutions are tailored to local conditions, from an installation for a single station up to a comprehensive remote public address system. Our PA systems combine different techniques and equipment with each other, meet high demands on safety standards, are flexible, and can be centrally controlled. The simultaneous use of different techniques such as IP, ISDN or analogue transmission, allows - in addition to a low-cost entry based on existing technology - the migration to IP.

Automatic monitoring mechanisms for amplifiers, speakers and transmission, including related error messages and redundancy by spare amplifiers provide for maximum safety and reliability. If a Wenzel PA system is connected to an FIA system via the SES/XML interface, both announcements will be occur, the ones initiated automatically by the FIA system and the manual announcements. The announcement volume can be customized to the times of day via the built-in volume control. In addition, it can be lowered or raised just before the announcement via the dynamic ambient noise volume adjustment.

A convenient operation is provided by a graphical interface.

Our PA system solutions are compliant to the requirements for equipment of level 1 of the Deutsche Bahn AG and are approved by the EBA (Eisenbahn-Bundesamt) for different transmission services.

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