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The Wenzel-MACS IP-Dispatcher system is an integrated telecommunication solution, especially for the operational requirements of railway traffic and local public transport. It can be used in train control centres or operation centres. All communication services  are allowed, such as traditional or SIP telephony, public address, emergency call and radio.

In addition to the support of the mobile radio GSM-R , the system can also integrate TETRA (TErrestrial Trunked RAdio) into the operational communication. The dispatchers can be connected via the IP network at any point in the facilities. Moreover, the IP-Dispatcher system offers a High Availability concept in order to ensure the clean operation of all services in case of failure.

Flexible voice recording functions and a multi-level alarm and fault management meet the high safety requirements of a modern communication system.

The unified operating procedures of the WM-GUI interface and the ergonomic design of the Wenzel-MACS IP-Dispatcher ensure comfortable and clean operation even in critical situations. With configurable profiles for terminals and operators, the dispatcher can be designed flexibly and is adaptable to local requirements. A role management supports the use of a role on multiple dispatchers during intensive operational periods.

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