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PRODUKTE – Voice Alarm Systems – CESAA speaker matrix

New! Matrix for extending the speaker zones

The speaker matrix increases the number of speaker zones by up to 16 zones or up to 32 zones in a 1U housing. Optionally, the control functions of the CESAA system can be extended. Two additional modules are offered either with 8 control outputs or with 4 control inputs and 4 control outputs.

Each speaker matrix provides two IP network connections for a simple or redundant system connection. Power is supplied via the emergency power manager or via an external power supply. The configuration is performed with the browser-based WeView software.

Special features of the speaker matrix Ce-LSX / CE-LSX32:

  • Extension of the speaker zones by up to 16 or 32 zones
  • Flexible support of different scenarios for public address
  • EN 54-16 compliant zone and ground fault monitoring
  • Status indications (operation, alarm, error) for each zone


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