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PRODUKTE – Voice Alarm Systems – CESAA speaker matrix

New! CESAA loudspeaker matrix for expansion of the announcement and music areas

The loudspeaker matrix CE-LSX extends the application possibilities of CESAA in small and medium-sized systems. It offers solutions for variable announcement and music areas and ensures optimum distribution of amplifier power, making the system even more economical. Up to 32 zones can be accommodated in a space-saving 19" housing with 1U. Indicators for operation, alarm and zone errors provide a quick overview of the current status of the loudspeaker areas.

Each speaker matrix offers two IP network connections for simple or redundant system connection. The emergency power manager or an external power adapter is used for power supply. The matrix is configured with the browser-based WeView software.

Special features of the speaker matrix CE-LSX:

  • Great versatility in combination with CE-VAS4
  • Extension by 16 monitored zones each (EN 54-16)
  • 4 + 4 channels for independent signal distribution
  • Variable announcement and music areas
  • Optimum use of amplifier power
  • More economic efficiency in small and medium-sized applications
  • EN 54-16 compliant zone and ground fault monitoring
  • Status indications (operation, alarm, error) for each zone


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