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PRODUCTS – Voice Alarm Systems – CESAA product benefits

The faster voice alarm system is called the CESAA

CESAA is a voice alarm system of the new generation. Being a fully digital VAS, CESAA is technically more efficient, and in planning, assembly and configuration, effects substantial time-saving as compared to a traditional sound system for emergency purpose for the evacuation of persons in public buildings.

CESAA is the alarm system with the competence of the railway supplier WENZEL Elektronik. These operational communications solutions, designed and manufactured under the ‘Made in Germany’ label, meet the particularly high reliability demands of railway companies.

For planners, specialist dealers and installers, CESAA is the voice alarm system of choice. Faster planning, faster installation, faster configuration.

CESAA – an overview of the faster VAS:

Faster planning: with 80% time saving and more success in quotation presentation

CESAA is an all-in-one solution that supports the planner with several tools and saves a great deal of planning time. The scalable system CESAA, which consists of just a few components, can be employed for any voice alarm application. Even the most challenging applications with many rooms with acoustics of different difficulty levels can be serviced with CESAA at the highest technical level.

The particularly low effort and expense for consulting and training of this new-generation VAS additionally also reduces the time needed to be expended by installers and improves the subsequent economic viability of the technical execution. – CESAA is equipped with the latest technical performance features like Text-to-Speech TTS, an integrated WeNet network (for example, ring topology) and a high availability concept.

CESAA provides tools for planning, such as a planning schema for calculation of the waste heat and the necessary battery capacity. The simple installation, the redundantly designed network and the scalability for all applications makes CESAA the voice alarm system with a particularly high planning dependability.

Faster planning - an overview:

  • Planning with only one procuct for all applications (all-in-one solution)
  • Extremely low effort and cost for consulting and training
  • Minimisation of the planning time through scalability for all applications
  • Services for VoIP/SIP and HTTP are already integrated (option)
  • High planning and cost dependability through minimum execution effort
  • Time saving of 80%


Faster to install: "plug and play" with a few parts, pre-configured – everything that fitters love

This faster voice alarm system of the new generation CESAA stands out because of its very few system components, supported by modern, standardised plug-and-socket connections. The VAS is supplied pre-configured to the user, as a result of which the installation time and effort is additionally greatly reduced.

Owing to the simplicity of the implementation of CESAA, the fitter is able to save a substantial amount of time. A total time saving of up to 50% in comparison to conventional voice alarm systems is realistic.

CESAA comes very close to being a plug-and-play solution. Owing to the low energy consumption of its fully digital construction, the waste heat is minimal. The very compact system structure reduces the space requirement in a 19" rack to just 1 height unit.

Faster installation - an overview:

  • Few system components with standardised plug connections
  • Less effort for configuration and pre-assembly
  • Low space requirement (only 1 height unit in 19" rack)
  • Prepared for easy implementation
  • Time saving of up to 50%


Faster configuration: Web browser-based – that’s the configuration process today

This voice alarm system is fitted with an auto-discovery function. CESAA thus automatically detects all the devices in the network. Moreover, all the required network settings can be carried out quickly and above all, reliably through the guided configuration in the setup menu. This is because errors in assigning IP addresses are eliminated. Settings of DIP switches or address switches are not required.

All the functions can be set up through the Web browser-based configuration tool. Settings for CESAA can thus be made from a smartphone or a tablet even when the user is en route, thus saving time – regardless of the operating system of the user. The possible linkage to external systems has already been taken into account.  

Apart from the substantial time saving, CESAA also supports the installer - like hardly any other voice alarm system - with clearly greater dependability in the configuration of the system.

Faster configuration - an overview:

  • Web browser-based configuration tool for smartphone and tablet reachability
  • Auto-discovery function for fast, reliable network settings
  • Avoiding errors when inputting network addresses and device Ids
  • Services for VoIP/SIP-, HTTP- und RTP are supportorted (option)


Faster modification: remote configuration and software-based function packages

CESAA is a voice alarm system that can be easily and quickly maintained from any Web browser and can be functionally adapted in case of new requirements. The CESAA software contains different function packages that additionally reduce the effort for maintenance and adaptation. The system configuration can be modified without having to make a trip to the physical system. In such a service case, time saving of up to 90% is realistic.

CESAA can automatically identify system errors and immediately automatically report them with specific correction instructions. Depending on the requirement and setting, this message is also transmitted by telephone as a voice notification - or alternatively, over the Internet.

The configuration history function allows to restore easily an earlier system setting.

Faster retrospective modification - an overview:

  • Configuration history function already integrated
  • Remote modification over the Internet
  • Additional functions can be released later
  • System error messages contain specific information as to the cause
  • Error message by voice communication/telephone
  • Time saving of up to 90%


CESAA – a voice alarm system with the technological competence and reliability of a railway supplier

For decades, WENZEL Elektronik, designer of CESAA, has been a manufacturer and supplier of operational signals and telecommunications engineering to railway companies and public transport systems. Owing to the particularly stringent requirements for personal safety, railway companies set very high demands for system stability and availability of communications technology. As a partner of the Deutsche Bahn (German Railways), WENZEL Elektronik has the status of a Q1 supplier.

The company is certified according to 
DIN EN ISO 9001 for quality management, according to DIN EN ISO 14001 for environment management and according to DIN 14675 as a specialist company for voice alarm systems.


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