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Voice alarm systems save lives

The most important task of a voice alarm system (VAS) is in providing directions to a large number of people for fast evacuation, usually in public buildings. For example, if a fire sets off a voice alarm system, the announcement must indicate the fastest and safest way out. Visitors to the building must leave it without any detours on the most direct route and without any panic. Therefore, the announcement must acoustically clear to understand and formulated in such a way that there can be no misunderstandings – even under the difficult conditions prevailing in the rooms where the announcement must be made.

What does voice alarm system of the new generation mean for planners, specialist dealers and installers?

For building owners, planners, specialist dealers and installers of voicealarm systems, the question is one of technically optimum and economically efficient planning and installation. It is not rare to find that traditional systems are complex in construction, elaborate in planning and installation, and require a trip to the installation for service and customization work.

With CESAA, WENZEL Elektronik is launching a VAS in the market, which substantially reduces the - presently enormous - effort and costs associated with planning and installation. Time saving of 80 % in planning, up to 50% in installing and up to 90 % if output customisation is required later are realistic. Primarily, it is the browser-based access over the Internet and the menu driven installation help that are responsible for this huge time saving.

In addition, there is the compact system architecture and other technical innovations like modern plug-and-socket connectors and wiring – all with just one product line, which can be employed in a scalable manner for any voice alarm application.

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