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Master the GSM-R future with our dispatcher system Wenzel-MACS-R and Wenzel-MACS-GeFo. The system is characterised by high reliability and availability – so during migration from analogue to digital train radio no information gets lost.

Wenzel-MACS-R is a modular communication system for railway applications, outstandingly suitable for use in Train Control Centres (TCC). The decentralised archtitecture of Wenzel-MACS-R allows flexible and easy cross-linking of individual dispatcher workstations with the TCC at remote locations.

Combining the various communication channels in a unified system reduces the operation costs significantly. Legacy systems can be connected and functionally integrated to Wenzel-MACS-R.

In addition the modular design of the Wenzel-MACS-R and its versatile insert cards for a variety of subscribers and network interfaces guarantee high investment protection.

The Wenzel-MACS-R network is designed redundantly and therefore highly available. The system redundancy comprises self-restoring network topologies. In case of a network failure, the redundancy of central control components and local operational communications is ensured.

An Operation and Maintenance Centre (OMC) provides extensive functions to manage the entire system. The central configuration allows an easy installation of the dispatcher workstations at any GSM-R site.

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