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The Wenzel-MACS-GeFo permits you mastering the GSM-R future.

Security for the WM-GeFo means maximum availibility and reliability. Therefore we deliberately don´t use PC technology. Due to its line-fed telephone technology and sturdy design the WM-GeFo is suitable to be used in rough environments.

Special attention was paid to a comfortable user guidance to ensure a user-friendly and smooth operation - even in critical situations. The large graphic LCD display as well as context-sensitive function keys allow the execution of even complex GSM-R functions by pressing a few keys only. WM-GeFo supports the complete range of GSM-R functionality, emergency calls included.

To ensure that no calls get lost during the migration from analogue train radio telefphony to the digital GSM-R future, the WM-GeFo can be combined with the telecommunication system Wenzel-MACS-R. Existing legacy terminal devices can also be integrated. At any time you can access all relevant operation services from one control unit.

The WM-GeFo is administered and configured centrally from the Operation and Maintenance Centre (OMC). All profiles and configuration parameters are defined and automatically distributed. Thus, at any GSM-R location the installation of the WM-GeFo is as simple as to install a telephone.

System advantages:

  • Maximum reliability and availibility (15 years MTBF)
  • Full EIRENE conformity incl. priority, group call and functional call numbers
  • Line-fed telephone technology
  • Integrated uninterruptable power supply (UPS)
  • Land-line connection BRI and/or wireless connection
  • Remote configuration and monitoring through an OMC
  • Plug & call- installation just like a telephone
  • Integrated GSM-R radio module


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