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The graphic user interface for all services

Wenzel-MACS-GUI-R is the graphic user interface of the Wenzel-MACS-R communication system. You can access all communication channels via the GUI. The ergonomic design of the interface ensure smooth, convenient operation, even in critical situations. Different types of audio-devices complete the GUI workstation.

With WM-GUI-R, both analogue and digital telephony as well as public address, intercom and wireless services can be managed via a uniform graphic interface. During the log on and off period the system assures between multiple workstations that each field of responsibility is occupied permanently. Therfore emergency calls can be always processed. Configuration and administration of the WM-GUI-R are carried out via integrated menu functions, allowing various users to define their responsibilities, as well as subscribers and their graphic representations.

Optionally the WM-GUI-R supports conventional analogue radio-based train control.


  • All GSM-R telecommunication services including radio-based train control
  • Up to 64 fields of responsibility can be defined
  • User management with protected access
  • Global, work and personal telephone directories for both incoming and outgoing calls
  • Up to 3072 configurable quick-dial keys
  • Colour-coded subscriber status display
  • Networked workplaces with shared database
  • Up to 6000 subscribers assignable to 64 groups at a maximum
  • Integrated administrator menus
  • Automatic scheduled announcements


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