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PRODUCTS - Remote Control System - ZMX80

Remote effect transfer and logging system

In the course of the mechanization area develops as well as within the range of transporting enterprises ever more the necessity to monitor and control telecommunication engineering and other important mechanisms in the industry.

In addition among other things the function-control of distant systems, the remote maintenance of video cameras to monitoring purposes, the transfer of fire and failure alarms as well as the remote transmission of measured values.

The introduction of remote supervision and control leads to further advantages during suitable information distribution and information analysis:

  • The expenditure with screening and maintenance work is reduced clearly by a direct application control
  • A central representation of all disturbances gives a fast and global overview of the status momentary of the monitored technical mechanisms
  • A direct analysis of failure reports enables an early overview of accumulated failures
  • Fully EIRENE-compliant

The Wenzel remote effect transfer and logging system ZMX80 forms the base for a flexible remote effect system with distributed directing centers. The advantages of a remote effect system stated above are perfectly transferred by the selected concept with a central entry and distribution of all messages and instruction.

The possibility to operate several directing centers at any stations in the remote effect network at the same time, permits besides the central representation to summarize the administration and analysis of information referred to functions in individual directing centers.


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