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PRODUCTS – Public Address Systems - ELISA III-IP

ELISA III-IP – the new generation of software-based PA systems

ELISA III-IP is a new generation of public address systems for use in railway applications. The product line combines a smart sound processor with a high-quality amplifier and full network capability.

Smart platform for sound and safety

As a smart platform, ELISA III-IP assumes the tasks of a cost-effective software-based passenger information system as well as of voice alarm functions according to EN 54-16. Safety-related passenger warnings are issued immediately and acoustically reliable in case of emergency.

Load functional apps according to your needs – without any hardware change.

Cut your maintenance cost with our Zero Configuration hardware replacement approach: With only a few handgrips a device is changed.

Implement scalable systems for up to 2*600 Watt per A/B line – as a resilient or even fully redundant high available design.

Smart sound processing system apps:

  • Up to four parallel public address channels
  • Voice alarm according to EN 54-16
  • Managed amplifiers, via web or SNMP
  • SIP based VoIP
  • Text-to-Speech, multi-lingual
  • Backup amplifier mode
  • DSP function, e.g. 5 band equalizer or filters
  • Ambient noise support
  • Analogue line inputs and line outputs
  • Line diagnostics (impedance, short cut etc)
  • Background music
  • Monitoring channel
  • High Availability
  • XML based remote control
  • Priorities

Technical Data:

  • Dual port 100V class-D amplifiers for A/B cabling
  • Flexible power configuration 1x600W or 2x300W or 4x150W
  • Ultra compact design (1 rack unit, 360mm depth)
  • Integrated AC and DC power supply
  • 25W standby power consumption only
  • Front panel LCD for diagnostics
  • Leading sound quality

    • Full digital audio path
    • Wide range 20Hz – 20kHz
    • Low distortion < 0.5%
    • Transformer-free outputs with high damping factor

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