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PRODUCTS – Public Address - ELISAIII-IP/call station

Call station WM-STTP-IP

The call station WM-STTP-IP paves the way to the entire railway communication. It supports two way communication and secure remote public address (PA). It also can be used in barrier intercom installations to help in level crossing safety applications.

As a compact touch screen based station for SIP/VoIP remote PA, it allows the selection of one or more destinations, chime insertion, live announcements with the integrated gooseneck microphone or playback of recorded announcement messages and their management. PA system loudspeaker lines are surveyed and monitored in parallel. The current fault and busy status is indicated for each destination.

It further allows listening to the announcement through the integrated loudspeaker, that have been issued by other systems and call stations.

The integrated intercom function is your hotline to the team on site. Direct call and all-call buttons allow an efficient operation of the system.


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