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PRODUCTS – Public Address Systems - WM-ELISA II

Remote public adress with a clear voice

Centralized information management and train control ask for remote PA systems which can be installed flexibly in railway stations. With Wenzel-MACS-ELISA II, Wenzel´s remote PA system, you can project a clear voice to the farest stop on your line. The connection via an IP network considerably reduces transmission costs by the use of off-the-shelf transmission technologies.

Interfaces for analogous transmission lines available in WM-ELISA II simplify the integration with installed acoustic equipment and therefore ease the migration to IP based PA systems. WM-ELISA II can be adapted to local requirements regarding the number of the loudspeaker circuits and the necessary safety level. Additional power amlifiers, speaker lines, and local consoles can be added to WM-ELISA II at any time. Comprehensive monitoring of all system components and automatic malfuntion signaling facilitate a simple and efficient service.

WM-ELISA II can be connected to IP networks, ISDN or analogous transmission lines. Combining these connection types, transmission networks can be used redundantly, and WM-ELISA II remains accessible in case of network failures.


  • VoIP PA system with standardized SIP/RTP/RTCP protocols
  • Multicast support for effective use of bandwidth (IGMP)
  • Up to four 100W / two 250W amplifiers, scalable via extension port
  • Up to eight loudspeaker lines selectable; scalable via extension port
  • High availability due to redundant amplifier and redundant connection to different transmission technologies
  • Automatic announcement function via SES/XML interface; locally stored announcement files
  • Text-to-speech function
  • ANS ambient noise sensor module
  • SNMP failure management
  • Compliant to requirements for equipment level 1 of DB AG
  • Type approval by EBA for ELISA II, no. 3218128/0/7
  • Complete monitoring of all system components

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