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PRODUCTS – Public Address Systems - WM-ELISA II-MFTI

Comfort terminal for info manager

The Wenzel-MACS-MFTI integrates telephone, announcements, and monitoring of PA systems into one terminal directly connected to ISDN and/or IP networks operating with
Voice over IP.

Because of the integrated monitoring function for ELISA PA systems it is the ideal dispatcher terminal for systems with highest end-to-end requirements. During operation all configured ELISA devices are checked continiously for availability.

To ensure a comfortable and smooth operation even in critical situations special attention was paid to a comfortable user guidance for the WM-MFTI. The large graphic LCD display and context-dependent function keys allow the execution of all functions by pressing only a few keys.

Administration and configuration of the WM-MFTI are done by the central operation and management center (OMC). All profiles and configuration parameters like keyboard layouts, quick dial keys, WM-ELISA II to be monitored, as well a the phone book are defined at the OMC and automatically distributed.

The power supply of the WM-MFTI is realized via an external AC power supply or directly via 48 VDC. The unit can still operate for four hours even after power failure by using optionally an integrated battery.

System advantages:

  • Maximum of reliability and availability (>8 years MTBF)
  • IP and/or ISDN network interface
  • Integrated un-interruptible power supply (UPS)
  • Remote monitoring of up to 64 WM-ELISA PA systems
  • Remote configuration and monitoring by the OMC
  • Qualified for systems with highest end-to-end requirement levels


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