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PRODUCTS – Public Address Systems - ELISA II / desktop microphone station TS10

Announcements always with a clear voice

Even at ambient noise and low speech distance the gooseneck microphone with its noise-damping characteristics, together with the electronic limiter, ensures for a clear voice.

By using the often existing lines, a distance up to 20 km between the desktop station TS10 and the public announcement system WM-ELISA II can be bridged. Additional transmission facilities due to the remote signalling (FWS) are not required. Even railway specific conditions such as protection transformers are supported.

Ten individually lettered, unmistakable illumi nated destination keys make the operation very simple. The state (e.g. occupied, speak now, etc.) of the PA objectives is clearly defined by different colours.

An expanded programmability of the destination keys also allows the creation of additional functions such as the PA communication via a pre-stored announcements. The desktop station TS10 is also available with more destination keys.

With a corresponding priority the actually just busy destination can be provided with sound by pre-emption anyway. Then different coloured button illumination clearly signalizes the success of the announcement.

System advantages:

  • Always clear announcements even with ambient noise
  • At a distance up to 20 km from the PA system
  • Clear signalling by colour illuminated keys
  • Remote monitoring of up to 64 WM-ELISA PA systems
  • Easy-to-use and direct connection to WM-ELISA
  • Connection via 4-wire cabling (NF/FWS)
  • Device types with more keys available


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