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PRODUCTS – Intercom Systems – MPWL

The processor controlled intercom system

The Wenzel-MPWL is conceived as universal wide-band communication system. The area of application covers public and private courses, as well as industrial companies with high requirement of flexible change speech functionality, as well as acoustic irradiation. Connecting the discussions through takes place spontaneously and blocking-free. All system configurations can be implemented by standardized module carriers in 19"-technology.

The system is structured modular. The software related configurableness allows to implement user specific solutions. System configurations of stand alone systems, multi-head office solutions or fully integrated into MACS telecommunication systems are realizable.

An efficient microprocessor system is inserted for the controlling of the system. This system realizes the complex functionality of the change speech technology including the well-known WL capability characteristics as well as the acoustic irradiation technique with a spontaneous response time of under 200 ms to discussion request to implement.

The switching network is modular constructed and enables thus the configuration of all conceivable system configurations without the danger of a blocked switching network. The MPWL head office modules for the connection of the interior substations has a local microprocessor system, whereby the efficiency of the total system is continued to increase.

As peripheral device substations with the well-known WL interface are applied, in the remarks interior substation and weather-safe external substation (also into explosion-proof design) as well as interior substations with four-wire link technology to the application.


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