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Track Warning System for Hamburger Hafen und Logistik AG

Public Address System ELISA improves occupational safety

22 January 2018

A track harp with five parallel tracks on approximately 800m length runs on the Container Terminal Tollerort (CTT) of the Hamburger Hafen und Logistik AG (HHLA). Pushing the train by the locomotive generates a low noise level only so that people in the track area could be in danger. To improve safety at work, a system with warning sound and announcements was required. HHLA Container Terminal Tollerort GmbH commissioned WENZEL Elektronik GmbH with the delivery of a reliable track warning system.

The project requirements for the sound reinforcement were high, as the narrow track harp does not permit additional loudspeaker masts directly on the track bed. The existing light masts are also very far apart. In order to drown out the high ambient noise during warnings, special loudspeakers with a high sound level were selected and installed at 10m height on existing light masts. The warning signal must be heard all over the track area. Therefore, a noise level of 75-80 dBA between the different light masts or between the tracks 1-5 was set as a planning requirement for manual sound reinforcement. Under these conditions the warning messages should be clearly understood given a typical ambient noise level of about 60-65 dBA.

Martin Töpel, CTT safety engineer, said: "WENZEL Elektronik explained the approach in advance with a comprehensible sound level simulation. In further on-site measurements the levels were adjusted so that the automatic announcements also in the back area are now clear to understand."

The warning sound precedes the voice warnings, where automatic messages in German and English are called up manually by the operator. Due to the mounting height and the loudspeaker dispersion characteristics, the results required by the CTT could be achieved. The track warning system has been successfully in use for several months.

"The HHLA CTT project shows that we can meet any customer requirements and be able as well to solve such complex tasks with our ELISA PA system," summarised Peter Jahn, project manager at WENZEL Elektronik.

About HHLA:
Hamburger Hafen und Logistik AG (HHLA) is a leading European port and transport logistics company. Its container hubs are the points of intersection within a network that links ports with economic regions in their hinterland. Its business model is based on innovative technologies and is committed to sustainability. HHLA's highly efficient container terminals Altenwerder, Burchardkai and Tollerort ensure the Port of Hamburg's supreme importance as a logistics hub. Technical innovations and automated working processes provide for high productivity and short lay times. For more information please see the HHLA website.

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