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High Available Communication Technology in New Control Centre of Kölner Verkehrs-Betriebe

Wenzel Elektronik provides reliability in the operation control

22 September 2015

For the long-term stability and quality of public transport, the control centre of the Kölner Verkehrs-Betriebe (KVB) has been refurbished and modernised. Now a completely renewed infrastructure with modern information and communication technology for the smooth operation of the highly complex transport system is available for a team of 54 employees. The technology optimises the operational processes and allows to react as fast as lightning in cases of disturbances. Since the new control centre also works closely together with police, fire brigade and other control units, safety and comfort for the passenger are increasing.

In order to maintain the trouble-free traffic of buses and light rail in the event of possible threat scenarios like attacks, bomb discoveries, fire or damage to wiring, the idea of a redundant control centre has been realised. Even the actual control centre may have to be decommissioned. During the reconstruction phase of the new control centre the operation took place in a provisional control centre. This remains as fully equipped backup control centre, so that in case of emergency the driving operation can be continued from here without interruption.

"In case of failure our team ensures that the service for passengers is hardly affected. The concept of the two sites provides maximum safety of the operational communication. With the available optimal conditions our control centre achieves an outstanding technical level," comments Marcus Pokorny, Head of Planning and Technical Services.

An essential part of safety-related communications at KVB is realised by Wenzel-MACS as a communication system for call stations at rail signals (read more). The system architecture of the Wenzel-MACS allows a spatial separation of main and backup computer. The KVB uses this advantage by establishing the main and the redundant control centre, while at the same time increasing the system availability. In addition, all 16 local signal boxes are simultaneously connected to both control centres. This ensures the operability in the event of malfunctions in the infrastructure.

More than 500 telephones are connected to the local signal boxes. If trouble arises the train driver can directly call the traffic master in the control centre or vice versa. The operator stations are comfortable Wenzel touch dispatcher. Each operator can access the touch dispatcher with all essential functions of operational communication using the "focused area" of the signalling system.

About Kölner Verkehrsbetriebe:
The task of the Kölner Verkehrs-Betriebe AG is the local public passenger transport in and around Cologne. More than 850,000 people daily use buses and trains of the KVB. This high number of passengers is managed with about 368 cars and 305 buses. At the depots and workshops around 3,000 employees ensure that the complex system of approximately 60 lines runs smoothly. For this and more information see the company's web site.

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